“You can’t begin a journey if you don’t step out”

Photo or Workshop tour?


A photo tour is based on holiday, relaxation and enjoyment. I will take you to well researched locations and will guide you on how to photograph them. You need to have a basic knowledge in photography and how to use your equipment when you join one of my tours. Saying that, I’m always there to help if needed.

A photo workshop is purely based on tuition. I do my best to teach you as much as I can during the length of it. If you are new to photography and you need to learn technical aspects such as aperture, shutter speed and how to use your equipment including the use of filters, then I recommend you to join one of my photo workshops first.
My Photo Workshop tours are based on Canon SLR Cameras

Please note that neither my photo tours nor my photo workshops offer post processing tuition. . If you wish to learn how to post process your pictures, I recommend the purchase of downloadable videos from Photoshop Cafe.

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