Kleifarvatn Lake in the morning Glow│ Iceland Landscape Photog
Kleifarvatn Lake in the morning Glow│ Iceland Landscape Photog

What kind of camera do I need for these workshops?

In order to take full advantage of the opportunities and techniques I cover in my workshops, I recommend a Digital or DSLR camera. However, the workshops are not about the media used to capture the image but more like the way we see the scene and value the light that affects its mood. In a few words, any camera will do. This could be a compact, consumer, prosumer, medium or large format, panoramic, digital or film.


What other equipment will I need?

Your camera comes first, of course, but most importantly I recommend a sturdy tripod such as the Manfrotto 055. A tripod forces you to slow down, take your time and concentrate on composition, as well as keeping your camera safe and shake-free. If you own a low-budget light aluminum tripod such as Jessops and you are wondering if it is good enough, no, it is not. It will not allow you to trust your gear on it and it will not allow me to help you with tuition.

I also recommend a set of neutral-density graduated filters of 0.45 & 0.75 strength (I’m using KASE filters). If you are starting now and wish to purchase filters, we recommend the 0.45 hard ND grad and the 0.75 soft ND grad. We strongly recommend Lee filters for the superior quality, although other brands are of acceptable quality. A polariser or any other filter that you might own. You don’t need to have all the above, however, they will help you to gain the most out of your workshop.


How many memory cards or films will I need?

A very good question. You see, memory cards or film are never enough and our answer would be to get as many as you can. You need to remember that we will be shooting almost all day and if the workshop is as long as a week, you will need as much memory as you can get. Digital users with a laptop or a memory bank will be fine. Having said that, I always try to pass on the philosophy of “shoot less – keep more”. It is better to leave the workshop with 40 stunning images that will make you proud, rather than 2,000 very average ones.


Shutter Release Cable

You will need one for longer than 30 seconds of exposure.


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