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Jólamyndir Rafns á forsíðu Sveitarfélagsins Voga 2020.

Jólamyndir Rafns á forsíðu Sveitarfélagsins Voga 2020.

2020-12-10 Jólamyndir Rafns á forsíðu Sveitarfélagsins Voga 2020. by: Rafn Sig,- English below.Ég er þess heiðurs aðnjótandi, að þessi Jól (2020)  prýða nokkrar myndir frá mér forsíðu Sveitarfélagsins Voga.Hér er um að ræða 15 myndir og kemur...

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Who is Rafn


Rafn Sig,- is one of the Iceland’s leading landscape and nature documentary photographers. He has focused on documenting the raw nature since he was a young boy and has been hiking in the Icelandic highlands  . . .

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Photo of the day


Rafn Sig,- has been documenting Iceland on video and his breathtaking shots are . .
(this is his latest)

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Rafn Sig,- has published 8 books called “Wild Iceland – the untouched nature”. Each  . . .

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His photos have been displayed on front pages of various magazines, postcards and  . . .

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Wedding Photography
Iceland has some of the most “out of this world” locations you can think of.

About Iceland

Holuhraun Volcanic eruption in the Highlands │ Iceland Landsca

Iceland – Useful links – Climate – Geography – Good to know – Settlement and Commonwealth – The Middle Ages – Economic boom and crisis – Geology – Biodiversity – Politics  . . .

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Rafn Sig,- has been rewarded  . . .

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Authorised travel Provider by the Icelandic Tourist Board

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Iceland Stock Photos

Northern Lights - Norðurljós│ Iceland Landscape Photography

Rafn Sig,- has his own  Photo Stock Web with around 11,000 full resolution images from Iceland . Rafn found it an insult to the art industry that the big Photo Stock Sites pay the artists a small amount for all their work and keep most of the sales profit for themselves , so he made his own – You should do it too.  . .

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