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Rauðaskál crater │ Iceland Photo Gallery

Rauðaskál crater │ Iceland Photo Gallery

2024-07-22 Rauðaskál Crater │ Iceland Photo Gallery Documenting Iceland by: Rafn Sig,- Flest gíganöfn eru dregin af ásýnd og lögun gíganna en sum hafa þó torræðar skýringar. Algengt er að gíganöfn tengist litum, s.s. Rauðaskál Gígurinn Rauðaskál liggur í norðurhlíðum...

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Rafn Sig,- has been documenting Iceland on video and his breath-taking shots are one of a kind. He focuses on places people not usually go to . .

(this is his latest)


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Who is Rafn

Rafn Sig,- is an experienced Icelandic landscape and nature documentary photographer who has focused on documenting  . . .

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Rafn Sig,- has published 8 books called “Wild Iceland – the untouched nature”. Each  . . .

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Rafn Sig,- has been rewarded  . . .
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Kleifarvatn Lake in Winter │ Iceland Photo Gallery

Rafn found it an insult to the art industry how small the artists are payed for all their work from the Big stock sellers, so he made his own – You should do it too. . .

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His photos have been displayed on front pages of various magazines, postcards and  . . .

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