Grænadyngja Volcano│ Iceland landscape photography from air

Documenting Iceland (2020)

by: Rafn Sig,-

Grænadyngja Volcano with Grænavatnseggjar Mountain, Djúpavatn,Grænavat and Spákonuvatn Lakes in the background.

Grænadyngja is a steep hyaloclastite mountain west of the Sog-geosite. It has the same geological features as Trölladyngja mountain. It is a geothermal site with volcanic fissures. From the fissures there have been various lava flows towards the west of the peninsula, including Afstapahraun (aa type)

Grænadyngja and Trölladyngja are commonly referred to as “The Sisters.” Both mountains are geothermally very active. The surroundings is part of the Krísuvík Geothermal Area. Until 1975, there was no geothermal activity around the mountain, but a few years later things started to shift and change. Today Trölladyngja is geothermally very active. It is quite apparent in the colorful south side of the mountain and its surroundings.

Mt. Grænadyngja is a geosite in Reykanes Unesco Global Geopark along with Mt. Trölladyngja.

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