Iceland │ Gerðistangaviti or Atlagerðistangaviti Lighthouse│ Landscape from air

Documenting Iceland (2019)

by: Rafn Sig,-

Gerðistangaviti or Atlagerðistangaviti as some say the name is was built in 1886, but rebuilt in 1927. The lighthouse is 6 m high and is a white light that runs for solar energy.

Gerðistangaviti is located at Atlagerðistanga and was built to direct shipping routes between Keflavik and the ports of the Inner harbors and boats to shore at Stakksfjord.

Atlagerði is in the land of Ásláksstaðir which is the mother earth of this district. The town marked the beginning of Geriðistanga, but on that promontory is the Gerðistangaviti. To the west of Gerstangi is Álasund or Álfasund. These names have been culturally different, but the Narfakots brothers who lived with the lighthouse and guarded it for decades had heard no other name in the channel than Álfasund.

The couple Ingimundur Ingimundarson b. 1837 and his wife, Sigríður Þorkelsdóttir b. 1845. lived in Atlagerði. Ingimundur was the first keeper of the Atlagerðisvita, with the same terms as the Narfakots brothers. Ingimundur pursued the sea along with landfall. He had no land use and paid land debt to Ásláksstaða. Ingimundur and Sigríður were the last inhabitants of Atlagerði.


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