Iceland │ The Old School House and the Barn at Kálfatjarnarkirkja │ Winter Landscape from air

Documenting Iceland (2019)

by: Rafn Sig,-

As I travel more and more around Iceland to register my small island with my pictures, I always see better and better what kind of heroes lived in this country in ancient times. All facilities were in general poor, the home furnishings poor or extremely poor. They had to tolerate and survive the cold and bad winter weather. The clothes were simple. The Shoes didn’t hold water etc.
In my mind, they are my Heroes. The history of our ancestors must be told and preserved for our children.  
Perhaps one day we will have to go back to that time when we don’t have electricity anymore, or fried our brains from the 5G Mobile waves. I hope it will not come to that.

The Old School House was built in 1903 and used as such until 1910 or 1911. The teacher couple lived on the upper floor and taught the children in the living room, on the ground floor. In the first year, there were 19 children attending the school, aged eight to fourteen, from the Kálfatjarnarhvefi neighborhood and surrounding area. Last year, which was taught in Norðurkot, there were three schools in Vatnsleysustrandarhreppur. After the teaching stopped, it was it was used as an ordinary family house for a while. Since then it has been empty or used as storage. In 2005, the house was moved from its original location to a foundation at Kálfatjarnarkirkja Church.

The intention is to build a museum there to tell the story of the house.

The old barn is considered the oldest house of Vatnsleysustrandarhrepps. The house is protected. The house was closed so it would not damage. Now the old barn is being rebuilt in its original form


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As a native photographer I feel responsible to leave all I can behind to show how it looked like, with my photography, before it’s too late.

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