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by: Rafn Sig,-

Title : Without Art ....... Artist: Vanessa Wenwieser

Title : Without Art ……. Artist: Vanessa Wenwieser


I was invited to participate in a project called “ART IS LIFE” on Béhance, where several well-known artists are reminding the World, especially during these hard times, that without art we seize to exist!


It’s very important to begin to understand that art is a tool for your soul and mind to grow and prosper.



The introduction says. “Art is not superfluous it is life”

“The first artifacts that can be considered arts appeared since the Stone Age. The history of art is confused with the history of humanity.The creative process takes place from perception, in order to express emotions, ideas, in addition to reflecting a historical moment, a culture, connecting the individual to his internal world, the current society and its history. It is carried out through a variety of languages, such as architecture, drawing, sculpture, theater, cinema, photography …


Art produces new ways of thinking about life, of transforming reality, of elaborating meanings, allowing to support and survive conflicts. Thus, in social isolation, during the COVID 19 pandemic, it contributed to a better emotional and spiritual state, helping to combat feelings of anxiety and depression.


Paradoxically, the importance of art in people’s lives, many artists are suffering from the lack of support and incentives. Europe’s cultural and creative sector has been hit more by the coronavirus crisis than any other sector except aviation, according to a study that calls for large public and private investments to avoid possibly irreparable damage in the long run. And unfortunately that’s what’s happening all over the world


 Thus, Art is not Superfluous, it is Essential, it is Life, and the artist needs support and appreciation to survive through it. 


“Every work of art is a child of its time and often the mother of our feelings” 
Wassily Kandinsky (Do spiritual in art 1912)





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