Climate Change

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by: Rafn Sig,-

A respectful photographer from Los Angeles, CA Mr. Ivan Pešiċ reached out to me and asked if I would be willing to take part in a Project called “Climate Change”. Project that would show damages or what is happening due to the global warming all over the world.

For me this was a big honor as there are some Master Class photographers participating in this project like:
Scott Hillman (Phoenix, Arizona, USA);
Axel Galesloot (Maassluis, Netherlands);
Albert Dros (Amsterdam, Netherlands);
Benoit Lapray (Paris, France);
Nico Kast (St. Gallen, Switzerland);
Skanda Gautam (Kathmandu, Nepal);
Ivan Pešić (Los Angeles, CA,USA);
Steven Bagett (Richland, Oregon, USA);
Ayodeji Ogunro (Ayodeji Ogunro);
Dillon Marsh (Cape Town, South Africa);

Climate change for me is a big issue and that is one of the reasons I’m “Documenting Iceland before it’s too late”.
I’m really glad that there are other photographers thinking like me and are scared about the changes. I believe it’s our responsibility as photographers to document as much as possible to show to our coming generation what we destroyed.

Like Mr. Ivan Pešić writes in the Prologue
“Since the dawn of the industrial age, humans have been hellbent on subjugating nature to their needs. Blissfully unaware of the consequences their actions would ultimately have on the planet and every living being, they built factories polluting the air we breathe and the water we drink, destroying in the process vast expanses of forests, and annihilating the habitats of many wild animals and plants. The rapid advances of technologies using fossil fuels, the invention of pesticides, combined with exponential population growth, and the advent of the consumer age, have led us to a tumultuous present and a very uncertain future. The science of climate change has began to evolve about sixty years ago. Presently, you don’t have to be a scientist to support its findings. Every sentient being all around the globe can experience the effects of climate change nowadays. Temperatures yet unheard off, humongous wildfires, catastrophic floods, hurricanes, and other calamities are presently common occurrences all around the globe. Climate change is the defining and most pressing existential problem of our times. We are all in the same boat. Let’s unite and do our best to save the one and only habitat we have.”


Thank you Guys.


I encourage you all to view the outcome at:


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As a native photographer I feel responsible to leave all I can behind to show how it looked like, with my photography, before it’s too late.


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