I have had the honor of testing the Photo developing software “Photolemur 2.3 beta”

This developing software is somewhat amazing for its simplicity, only one click and that’s it.
And if I tell you the truth it develops the photos really nicely if you are only going to use it for facebook, twitter and other related media. What bothered me most is how small the window is on my screen.

Well Let’s face it guys, it’s neither Lightroom nor Photoshop with all its complexed workflows and layers; it’s just a one click developer that does it all for low resolution medias.

Because of its simplicity you can’t put Keyword tags, Title, Subjects, Caption, Copy names or stuff like that to the photo but it delivers the max photo size and information about the camera and lens but only in 72 dpi (not 300 dpi for printing)
I noticed also when I took the developed picture into Photoshop I saw it did not Remove the “Chromatic Aberration” or corrected the photo by the “Lens Profile” among other things.

So my conclusion is that this is an excellent software for people with no skills in developing but want to put nice photos to the low resolution social networking places.


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