In the Valley of Sogalækur on a winter morning

by: Rafn Sig,-

I really like going to places where people usually don’t go.
This time I went to a place called Sogalækur and I aimed to Sogin witch is further upstream.

I have been to that place many times in summertime but I wanted to see how it looked like in winter.

When I woke up the weather was nice, little bit cold but it was going to be storm later on. (According to the weather forecast) so I should have enough time for my small documentary adventure.
I left early in the morning to be at the right spot to catch the morning light.

It had snowed the night before so I expected it to be slow and difficult drive. I was right. After few minor snow problems with my truck denying me of a smooth and comfortable run over (some of the piles of snowdrift on the road) I reached the destination and parked the car.

I got my gear ready while I was convincing myself and started walking up the mountain to the gorge. From the place I stopped it’s usually is an hour walk in the summertime. Unfortunately it was more snow then I thought so the walking was tough.  The higher I got, the snow increased so therefore slower I walked. When I got closer to the grove the snow had reached me up to the knees, it was slippery under the snow which made it more difficult for me to carry on. My stubbornness kept me going for a while, but in the end I had to listen to the little guy on my right shoulder with the halo over his head and confess my victory.  It was getting rather dangerous walking underneath the cliffs with all the snow hanging over my head and the river half frozen and slippery. Iceland conquered me this time.

Well since I was already there I made some shots and these are few of them.

I made it back to the car just in time before the storm came with full blast. It had started to snow a little bit but nothing which is worth to mention. I and my truck made it back in one peace so all is well and I will try to go up there again when I have the chance.

Sogalækur (stream) has formed a small gorge in the highlands of Reykjanes peninsula.

Sogalækur leads to Sogaselsdalur (Sogin) where an old almost cooled down geothermal valley is and  you still can see all the clay on the hill side. It’s not recommended to walk in the valley itself as the clay gets stuck under your sole. This is a beautiful hidden Gem.

When you travel Iceland in winter – Take care.


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