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9th Landscape photography book by: Rafn Sig,-

The Art of Landscape Photography assumes a good working knowledge of the technical basics and have the feeling for the subject.

The light changes within seconds and the best light may occur only long enough for a single frame, Landscape photographers must recognize those moments While the sunrise and sunset hours provide recognized opportunities, the keen photographer will also see that magic light during daytime.

Rafn Sig,- is an experienced Landscape and Nature photographer who have focused on Documenting the RAW Nature of Iceland for more than 30 years now.
As a native photographer he feels responsible to leave all he can behind to show the future generation how it looked like in Iceland, with his photography before the small vulnerable island gets devastated or tramped down”

This is his contribution.

100 pages – Size: 28,7 x 22,2 cm – Hundreds of photos

If you like, you can be part on his journey of Documenting Iceland

Check it out:
or https://icelandphotogallery.com/support/


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