I have the honor of being one of the judges in Kase Christmas Photography Contest 2022

I strongly encourage you to participate; there is no cost and great prizes

To celebrate the new launch of the KW Revolution system and the upcoming holiday Season, we host the photo contest for our global users and followers, for sharing the happy moments of your holidays.

What is your holiday spackling moment will be like? Those sparkling moments could be stunning scenes of our mother nature in the outdoortrips; the times when surrounding with our love ones in our warm home; the excitment of interesting events…etc

Theme: Sparkling holiday moment


Registration of photographs:

It can be done from December 5th , 2022 to January 7th , 2023

Judging period: January 8th– 20th, 2023.

Announcement: January 22, 2023


  • Each individual can submit up to 3 photos 
  • Photos with professional cameras, mobile phones or drone 
  • Photos must be taken your own, taken during 2022;
  • Photos must be presented in a resolution of at least 2,500 pixels on the longest side 300dpi in JPEG (.jpg) format. 
  • Photos can be in color or black and white; Photo style can be Nature photography, Event & portrait photography, Object & architectural photography.
  • Submissions must be with full contact information, name of the photo, and a short back story and description.

Where to Join

1. Email to marketing@kasecn.com with the subject ” #Kase Photo contest 2022+ your name ” with your photos, information of each photo (name and back story) 

2. Follow Kase Filters Global Facebook Instagram and Drop a message to Kase Filters Global Facebook Instagram with your photos, information of your photo ( name and back story) and your full contact information.

Judges Rules

Your evaluation criteria will be originality, composition, mastery of the technique and creativity of the image. The jury’s decision will be final.

Prize Information

2 First Prize:

KW Revolution ND Pro Kit at your desired size (up to 82mm)

Check out more details of Kase KW Revolution Magnetic System : https://kasefilters.eu/Filter-Sets/ROUND-KW-Revolution-Pro-Filter-Sets/?affiliateCode=RSIS1

5 Second Prize:

Kase Wolverine Entry ND kit at your desired size ( up to 82mm)



More details of the Kase Wolverine Magnetic filters:: https://kasefilters.eu/Filter-Sets/Magnetic-Circular-Filter-Sets/?affiliateCode=RSIS1

10 Third Prize:

Kase Wolverine Magnetic filters at your desired filter type and size ( up to 82mm)

Kase Wolverine Magnetic Filters including: ND8/64/1000/32000/64000/100000, GND filter, Night filter & focusing mask, ND-PL ( 3 & 6 stop),diffusion filters ( black mist, white mist, black magic) , streak filter, CPL, VND filters. : https://kasefilters.eu/Filter/Circular-Filter/Magnetic-Circular-Filter/?order=topseller&p=2/?affiliateCode=RSIS1

Our jury

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