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 by: Rafn Sig,-

I’m reading headlines like:
Looking for ways to make some money with your photography?


Have you seen this from one of the BIG Photo stock websites?

– Let´s start selling our own images, on our own Photo Stock Sites.

  • It’s time that we decide our future.
  • Let’s start selling Photos on our own Photo Stock Webs.
  • Times have changed and it’s easy. 
  • Just buy the software – the seller will install it – and off we go.
  • Let’s enjoy it because it’s our Photo Stock Web and we are earning on the work we created.

Let’s look at the facts of what we earn from the Stock Webs.

 “SHUTTERSTOCK” is selling each photo as low as $0,27  (if you buy 750 images/mo $199) and the highest price I see there is $9.80 (if you buy 5 Images $49) Our earnings will be $0,10 or $0,05per image.

  • Where is the dignity in that?
  • How Low can one man go?
  • How long will it take us to earn for what we spend to take the photo.

Let´s look at what FOTOLIA (Abobe) is doing.

If one buys Medium subscription of 40 images per month with Annual plan: $79.99 – we will earn as much as $0.66 per image.

  • I think we are worth more than that.
  • This is not enough to start the car.
  • How long will it take to buy a camera with this income?

Let’s look at what “DREAMSTIME” value photographers.

Customers can buy Royalty-Free Images for as low as $0.20USD/download or free. Hmmm it sounds scary.
They also offer plans like the others. 50 images pr. Mont for $79 = $1,58 per image and the photographer will earn 25% or = $0,4 per image.

“DEPOSITPHOTOS” offer subscription of 75 images per month for $69 = $0,92 per images so the earning will be less than $0,23 for each photo.

To buy a filter set for $900 like photographers use = then he has to sell 2.250 photos. Hmmmmmm LOL

It’s ALL the same. Photographers will not earn for their living or renewing their gear by selling photos at these sites (perhaps few will – I hope so). We are just one of many photographers competing for the same $0,2 – 0,3 per image. We have no control over how our photos are presented, priced or marketed.

I, like so many others started to sell my photos at some of the Stock webs available on the marked and I was ready to be rich. I sold few but I never got a cent from them so it was only work with nothing in return. The Payout point is set high and the artist is only getting around $0,2 – 0,3 per image so I rest my case.

I started to search on the internet what my options where and I found out that I could do it on my own. Make my own personal Photo Stock Web Store for less than $100 containing everything I needed.

Starting a stock photography website of your own may seem scary, it’s actually very easy. Creating and managing a website is easier today than ever before. In fact, you won’t need to worry about coding, server maintenance or any of the confusing technical stuff that often deters photographers from starting a Stock website.

  • You will have complete control over your website.
  • You will decide what you will upload and sell.
  • You are the judge of your own art.
  • You will have the opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition.
  • You will decide the price.
  • You will feel the independence, freedom, and excitement of making your own decisions and starting your own business from your own work.

I have my own Photo Stock Web called Iceland Stock Photos – http://icelandstockphotos.com/ where I’m selling landscape and nature photos from Iceland.
I bought the software from “Photo Video Store” https://www.cmsaccount.com/ for about 10 years ago and I renewed it recently for only $79. The seller installed it for me so the only thing I did was uploading the photos and decide the price of my photos. You can also get the WordPress Plugin for $79

  • It´s working fine for me so you can also do it.
  • Respect yourself and your art.
  • Your images will do the same on your site as they are doing on the BIG STOCK sites – lie there and wait to be bought.

I recommend that you read an article about this matter at GRAPH PAPER PRESS: https://graphpaperpress.com/blog/how-to-build-stock-photo-business/

You get all the information on how to set up your stock web with WortPress which also is a good choice if you want to earn something from your art.

This site sells software for Stock photos for only $29: http://www.ktools.net/ I don’t know nothing about it but it looks promising.

Things have changed –Now it’s our turn to sell our own images – It’s simple and easy.

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  1. I will go for it as I’m getting nothing from the big sharks.
    Thank you for clearing this for me
    Thank you so much

  2. I will do my own – Thank you

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