Photography or Meditation

 by: Rafn Sig,-

Sóheimajökull Glacier - South │ Iceland Landscape Photograp

Most of my photography tours take me to places where there are no or in some cases few people around me. I used to as a Reiki Master to sit down in a quiet place in my home, rest my mind and meditate.

Kálfatjarnarkirkja at Vatnsleysuströnd - South West │ Iceland

Since I started Photographing I’m actually doing the same thing in a different way by going out to the nature, be one with the nature, gathering my thoughts and emotions which are inspired to me by the ways in which I respond to the things I photograph. By doing it this way I find it does not matter where I observe my motives as long as they speak to me in its own way and I feel attractive to it. I have to use those appearances in order to express something of my emotion from my own mind. For me it all starts when I stop the car and gather my “Toys”, I’m just like a dog who knows when he is going out for a walk when he sees the leash.

When I start to walk out into the wilderness I find my mind opens up. I automatically start to ground myself and I feel I’m getting closer to the nature. The places I like to photograph are the ones which I feel some connection to and the only person who has to like and understand the outcome is me, as I know when I look at it in my computer what emotions where brought to it at this particular moment. For me it does not matter if I have visit this place many times before, because I know this place is never in the same mood and is always willing to grab my thoughts and show me something new.

Sometimes I don’t go to places that are photogenic. I go to them because they call out to me and I feel comfortable and inspired being there, they are telling me something or giving me something I need this moment. They don’t have to give me many “Likes” on facebook. If I know what they are saying to me ore if I feel what story they are telling me, I’m fully satisfied and my mind is in peace.


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As a native photographer I feel responsible to leave all I can behind to show how it looked like, with my photography, before it’s too late.


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