What you will like most about photographing the Highlands of Iceland in wintertime

 by: Rafn Sig,-

What I think you will like most about the Highlands of Iceland in the wintertime is the whole lot of nothing and the cold windy wilderness that greats you.

One can drive for hours and the only thing you will see is the snowy ground with crawling snow running  like a Racehorse that newer reaches the end point, always trying and trying.

You drive and drive and finally you go up a hill or a Mountain and there it is again – Lot of nothing one more time.  

Suddenly in the middle of nowhere, when you least expect you hear a loud crack noise and you’re truck sinks into a fissure that wasn’t there but now is and it’s real.

– You’re stuck, – what happened? – Why? 
There was nothing to see, there was nothing there.

Under the snow, was a small leakage breaker that could not freeze because the snow covered the surface and prevented it from freezing. These unpredictable obstacles need to be avoided, but that is just not possible because the surface is smooth like everything else out there – endless nothing.

After a few moments of pulling the truck out of the crack, the game starts again, driving around in endless nothing.

You can hear the wind gnawing through the slit on the side window cause if it’s not slightly open then the front windshield will come blurry of moisture, so you can’t see where you’re going. The jeep heater is on a full blast but it doesn’t do anything as the snow is swirling up on the hood and it’s too cold outside. Still the snow creeps into the truck and it’s getting #4/&% cold. You put on a cap and finally you go into the mittens, hoping you will pick up some heat in your body.

Suddenly you think you’ll see something beautiful in the landscape so you open up your camera bag, reach for your camera with your stiff frozen blue fingers, mange to take of the cap from the lens and then it happens.

Your lens is full of snow and your shot is all blurry and actually there is nothing in the shot. It’s full of nothing. Endless nothing.

You reach out for the lens cloth in your camera bag (which is now full of snow because you opened it to get the camera) and start to wipe off the lens, it gets more blurry so you try again and again, and again but still it is a shot of blurry nothing.

I know you will love the highlands in the winter when the snow is crawling like a Racehorse to nowhere, well I LOVE IT.

Newer drive alone in the Highlands of Iceland in wintertime!


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