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Will at the BIG DOT Company has written a NEW BLOG

about my Photographing in the Creative Chair.



What is The Creative Chair and how do they identify them self’s?

The Creative Chair is a large and ever-growing collection of exclusive interviews with some of the World’s top creative people. Previous participants include:

Scott Belsky (Founder of Behance)
Brian May (Musician + stereographer)
Fabio Sasso (Senior Google designer)
Sir David Attenborough (Broadcaster)
Rankin (Prolific photographer)
Equal time is also given to previously unheard creative voices who have demonstrated enormous skill and have the potential to inspire others.

I thank you kindly Will that you find me and my work worthy your writings and its an honor for me.

Thank you ones more Will

You can see the Blog here by clicking the photo:

Interview with Rafn


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