Today I was notified that on October 5th I was announced among 11 other photographer as one of the WORLD´S PROMINENT PHOTOGRAPHERS by the COLLECTION Magazine.

I always get shy when I receive a nomination like this but at the same time honored and humble.
Thank you kindly for the trust you are showing me.
This is a shot I took in Venice 2017

Since it was established in 1998, COLLECTION Magazine has had the same mission: To promote Luxury as a state of mind. The excitement of blending together the worlds of Luxury and celebrating all that gives an emotional dimension to our daily life, makes of COLLECTION an unmatched creative venue with a unique approach. Fashion and Jewelry, Innovation and Design, Art and Culture, Beauty and Cosmetics, Perfumes and Accessories, Travels, Hotels and Spas, interact in a way that COLLECTION reader can explore the true art of today’s living.

Trend-conscious consumers or experienced collectors, the readers of COLLECTION rank from medium-high to high type of readers who seek refinement in every aspect of life. COLLECTION has been committed to deliver the image and creative ingredients that provide as many platforms to influence and communicate with these readers. Freedom is the driver spirit of COLLECTION. It extends to all its high quality collaborators, be they cosmopolitan correspondents, photographers, stylists, journalists, reporters, editors It is this policy that generates COLLECTION’s original approach to Luxury and places it among the most influential independent magazines.


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