Documenting Iceland

Seltún hotspring │ Iceland Landscape winter photo from air

by: Rafn Sig,-

The high-temperature geothermal region Krýsuvík in the south of Reykjanes peninsula encompasses the geothermal areas Sandfell in the west, Trölladyngja in the northwest, Seltún-Sveifluháls in the center and Austurengjar in the east. The latter extends into the south part of lake Kleifarvatn. Especially Seltún-Sveifluháls and to a lesser extent Austurengjar offer fascinating hot spring fields.

The main sulphur area is a fumarole field in the col to the southwest. At Seltún, there are mud pools and steaming ground where some sulphur and also white and yellowish brown sulphates are deposited. The sulphates dissolve in water and become mottled and disappear in rainy wheather.  The largest mud pools are east of the road, one of them almost extinct and filled with mud washed in by the stream from the solfatara creek west of the road.


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