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by: Rafn Sig,-

English below.

Andstætt meirihluta svartra sandstranda á Íslandi líkist Skarðsvík ströndum við Miðjarðarhafið með grænbláu vatni og dökku eldfjallalandinu í kring. Hafa skal í huga að öldurnar í Skarðsvík eru þekktar fyrir að vera kraftmiklar.

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Skarðsvík is a small and rather exceptional beach in the landscape in Iceland.  Surrounded by harsh and bare black lava, the soft orange-yellow beach conveys a convenient contrast to the surrounding landscape.  Due to the depth and the bright and clean ocean by the  . . . all info at: https://www.patreon.com/RafnSig


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As a native photographer I feel responsible to leave all I can behind to show how it looked like, with my photography, before it’s too late.

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  1. Hef ekki séð svona fallega mynd frá Skarðsvík áður

  2. more and more and more of candy for the eye

  3. I thought such beauty did not exist in Iceland. beautiful picture

  4. Outstanding Photography

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