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by: Rafn Sig,-


Dryopteris filix-mas, the male fern, is a common fern of the temperate Northern Hemisphere, native to much of Europe, Asia, and North America. It favours damp shaded areas in the understory of woodlands, but also shady places on hedge-banks, rocks, and screes. Near the northern limit of its distribution it prefers sunny, well-drained sites. It is much less abundant in North America than in Europe. The plant is sometimes referred to in ancient literature as worm fern, reflecting its former use against tapeworm.

Its specific epithet filix-mas means “male fern” (filix “fern”, mas “male”), as the plant was thought to be the male version of the common lady fern Athyrium filix-femina. being robust in appearance and vigorous in growth. . . . . Get all the info about the plant at: https://www.patreon.com/RafnSig

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As a native photographer I feel responsible to leave all I can behind to show how it looked like, with my photography, before it’s too late.

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