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by: Rafn Sig,-

“A one meter deep sinkhole has formed through Grindavíkurbær and the subsidence continued today. So it is quite clear that magma has reached a very shallow depth under the town.”

There is a possibility that it will erupt inside Grindavík. It would probably be in the sinkhole that has formed.

“A sinkhole is formed when magma rises to a very shallow depth and is very close to the surface,”

Grindavík is a fishing town on the Southern Peninsula of Iceland, not far from the tuya Þorbjörn.

It is one of the few towns with a harbour on this coast. Most of the inhabitants work in the fishing industry. In November 2023, a state of emergency was declared, and the town was evacuated as a precaution, over concerns about the increasing chance of a volcanic eruption in the area.

The area where an eruption is expected

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