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Video of possible volcanic eruption ares

Visir.is wrote 2023-11-10: The eyes of scientists, the public defense as well as the public, not least the residents of Suðurnes, are now focused on a series of craters and cracks attributed to Sundhnúka northeast of Grindavík.

This is a video of the complete area: https://youtu.be/G2gg70nZkjE – Reykjanes – Before it erupt │ Part 13

mbl.is wrote 2023-11-10: A state of emergency has been declared in Grindavík and the town will be evacuated.

visir.is wrote 2023-11-10: Civil defense has reached a dangerous level and the Met Office’s Agency’s flight color code has been changed to orange. According to a meteorologist, everything indicates that the situation is escalating, as is usually seen before an eruption begins. The Met Office’s meters show clear signs of the formation of a magma tunnel to the surface.

There is still the highest probability that magma will emerge north of the watershed at Sundhnúki, and lava will therefore not flow to Grindavík in accordance with the lava flow model that was run earlier this evening.

visir.is wrote 2023-11-10: Grindavíkurvegur was closed this evening due to a large crack that formed in the middle of it. The road construction has completed temporary repairs, but the road will remain closed. Many residents have left the town and there has been a lot of traffic on Nesveg.

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